You can find Makers throughout all of Discovery Science Place, including the main museum, the museum annex and the parking lots. When you purchase your ticket, you’ll be given a program that includes a map, schedule of events and a listing of Makers in each area.

In the main Museum, you’ll find Makers in two areas. The first is the Discovery Theatre. This is immediately to your right when you enter the museum. The other area is located near the Hometown USA exhibit.

Our other building, known as the “Annex” is located on the corner of Broadway and Locust. You don’t want to miss a visit to the Annex. Make sure you check out the “Robot Arena” room and the “Art Studio”. You might even find a Maker or two in the Annex lobby.

It will be easy to spot the makers in our parking lot. Just look for all of the tents and structures. Make sure you wander through all of the parking lot and onto Locust Street to visit all of them.

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