Did you know that in addition to the regular Discovery Science Place exhibits, we also have Makers in two rooms of the main museum? After purchasing your ticket at the front counter, we suggest you start your day visiting the Makers in the main museum.

You won’t want to miss the Makers in the Discovery Theater.
* Learn about 3D printing from PolyPrinter
* Making Flashlights with the TJC STEM Club
* Play with illuminated sabers hand-built by Force Foundry
* Make a coaster glow to the music with PlayMate Enterprise
* Meet with members of Tyler Web Dev about coding

You’ll find more Makers in the Hometown U.S.A. area.
* Learn about Transgenic Glofish from the UT Tyler Biology department
* Talk with Darren Cunningham about his CNC machine
* Student built Automated Watering System from UT Innovation Academy
* See student built 3D printers from LeTourneau University