Move-in and move-out will be done with ‘drive & drop’ procedure. Since a large part of the event will take place in our parking lot, there is little room for parking cars. Makers will be allowed to drive in and drop their supplies per the times listed below. Then the vehicle must be moved to the off-site parking area located across Broadway. (For more information about parking, click here) After that you can walk back to set-up your space.

Although we will have volunteers available to help, it is suggested that you bring a partner to help you. Since we will have a limited number of carts, if you have a cart or dolly, we recommend that you bring it as well.

Friday, April 22nd

Move in scheduled between 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

Maker Check-in on Friday will take place at the main desk inside Discovery Science Place.  Enter the Discovery Science Place parking lot from Broadway to park, and then come into the building to check-in. Please park as far into the lot as possible to leave room for other Makers also moving in on Friday.

Saturday, April 23rd

Move in scheduled between 6:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m.

Saturday check-in will be located at the Volunteer Check-in tent at the gate on Broadway and (enter on Broadway only.)

All exhibits must be “show ready” by 9:30 am. Non-display vehicles must be off the grounds by 9:15 am as well.

Move Out Instructions

Show hours are 10 am to 4 pm.  To give everyone a chance to enjoy your exhibit, please plan on your booth being staffed until 4 pm. Move-out will begin once the grounds are clear of the public, no sooner than 4:30 pm.

Move-Out will follow the same procedure as Saturday Move-In. Vehicles will be permitted to “pull in & pick up”.  Please be patient with your fellow makers during move-out.

Although most Makers are likely to move-out on Saturday after the event, we will have interior storage space available on Saturday night if you prefer to move out Sunday morning. Please let us know if you plan to move out on Sunday morning so that we can have helpers available. All displays must be removed by noon on Sunday.

Space Requirements and Amenities

On your application you indicated your preferences and needs. We have done our best to accommodate your requests. As stated in the application, we will provide 1 table and 2 chairs, unless otherwise requested on your application

We are NOT providing tents, tablecloths or skirts. Please bring your own tents unless you noted in the application that you need one. Please provide for your exhibit to make it look professional and to cover any boxes or material you may store under your table.

Display spaces do not have back or sidewalls – everything must fit on your table unless you bring freestanding backdrop. Please think about how you will set up your display for appearance and guest access.

Makers who requested electrical will have access to one plug-in with standard household current. Your plug may be located as much as 10 feet from your location, so please bring appropriate extension cords and power strips. Use of power strips with surge protectors is recommended.

If you have any special needs that you did not include in your application, please contact us immediately.

General Information

  • Food – Several food truck vendors are on site all day with a variety of foods and beverage for purchase. You are welcome to bring a small cooler with you.
  • Tip Jar – If you are a non-commercial Maker (primarily not selling things) who is providing hands-on activities, you may place a sign and tip jar asking for donations to cover material costs.
  • No Smoking – Discovery Science Place is a family museum so there is no smoking on the premises – indoors or out. If you need a smoke break, please move to a location outside the fence line where you will be out of sight of the public. Your Maker credentials will readmit you to the event.
  • Parking – Non-display vehicles must park off-site during the Faire. There are two designated parking lots for the Maker Faire. Both are located directly across Broadway from the Discovery Science Place. (Parking map)
  • Maker Credentials – Anyone working at your booth must have a credential to be admitted to the Faire on Saturday. If you need more than 2 Maker Credentials (lanyards), please provide a list of all booth workers by April 4th. Credentials are only for people working in your booth.  All others must purchase a ticket.
  • Zone Manager – The Maker Faire event site has been divided into ‘zones’ with a manager in each zone to supervise and assist Makers and other volunteers. On event day, your Zone Manager will introduce him/herself to you and check in with you throughout the day.  If you need any assistance during the event, please look for your zone manager. You can also go to the front desk in the main museum building to request assistance. Your zone manager’s name and cell phone number is on the back of your Maker Credential lanyard.